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The Package

Her hands were immovably bound behind her back her wrists numb and aching from the tightness of her bonds, she flexed and struggled as much as her limbs would allow but to no avai, all she managed to do was twists her body from side to side causing her ample bosom to jiggle pleasingly.

The buxom burnette was trapped well and truly trapped she stamped her stringently bound feet in frustration, “ how did  fall for it again? I mean for the 3rd time ? I can’t believe I let her trick me AGAIN”

“Grmmmppphhhh, Mewwmphhh” she roared int other massively packed mouth with lung fulls of air and rage only to produce the faintest of stifilled moans and mmrphsss.

“I will get her for this, and I mean it this time, I will pack her into a damn crate and ship her somewhere far, far away, teach her to truss me up and leave me with my mouth jammed full of socks. “grrrrrr”

The brunette fumed and struggled, unaware of the HD cameras recording her every move she made in her ‘prison’, said prison was a queen sized bed in the middle of her bedroom. And the target of her revenge plot was her roommate a busty blonde with a kinky and twisted streak.

The blonde stared at the monitor as she watched her roomate/prisoner/friend struggled and thrash in her bonds, said bonds being 3 rolls worth of ductape turning the lithe and busty brunette into a compacted package of jiggling breasts and flaring nostrils and glaring eyes.

“I am sooo glad I setup the camera it will give me something to review for the next time it jump her” “ lets see checklist:”

1. Arms, wrists, forearms and elbows crushed together under a whole roll of tape CHECK
2. Legs folded back heel to each ass cheek  and held fast from ankles to inner thigh CHECK
3. Arms pinned down to torso Check
4. Boobs pushed up even more than normal CHECK
5. Top cut open to expose said Boobs CHECK
6. Each ample firm breast encircled with tape turning them a little Purple CHECK
7. Mouth packed with 3 pairs of cotton socks freshley laundered nad held in there with a whole rolls worth CHECK

As the brunette struggled and mmmmphhed, and the blonde watched she began to cup her large breasts lifting and squeezing her DDD’s pinching her nipples and generally winding herself up.

As the blonde moaned as her erect nipples dug deeper into her groping hands, the brunette moaned and groaned as her efforts to gain freedom caused her bound breasts to ache more and more

“I will get her for this, my tits are PURPLE AGAIN, dammitt, dammit, DAMMITT, DAMMITT, I will get free then I will hogtie her so tight her heels will be on her elbows and pack her mouth so full her jaw will ache till the END OF TIME!!!!”


My LIfe Changed a few weeks ago And I am trying to make it fit back in the original hole, But I think shall never fit again, so I will make changes and thrive or at least attempt it.

Current Residence: Tatooine
Favourite genre of music: Classical,Musical
Favourite photographer: Wolam Teser
Wallpaper of choice: Obi-Wan
Personal Quote: Take Life in it's Stride, Then hit it with a big F**KING Hammer
I have been talking to a few people over the last few months and as a result I have started to rethink my interests so below you wil find a heck of a story/fantasy

The woman stands in the hallyway, tight jeans hug her firm ass , a tight t-shirt barely contains her firm breasts. she has been talking to the man for a few months and they have finally decided to meet in person. she is a bit nervous but also very interested. she knocks on the door. 2 minutes later the door opens and there he is. He towers over her by several inches. a broad smile splits his face as he ushers her inside.

the woman enters taking in the room, his voice fills the silent room "hands on your head eyes closed" he says, a little nervous but smiling all the same she interlaces her fingers atop her head.

Seconds after the next thing she feels is a thrill ripple over her body as his strong hands grasp her at waist and elbows. trapping her arms over her head. "forward he breathes in her ear" and guides the woman to a dimly lit bedroom.

He stops her in front of king sized bed draped in blue silk sheets, "bend over  chest on the bed ass in the air, keep those hands in place". His voice is firm commanding and low in her ear.

He guides he forward until her breasts rest on the bed her firm ass in the air. keep one hand on her elbows, he starts to caress her legs, until his hands slip around her waist and unbuckle her jeans.

The buckle slips free and the man yanks the jeans down, "lift your left leg then your right he says" the woman complies she now stands in lback silk panties and a t-shirt so tight he will have to cut it off to get at the glorious bounty it traps.

He caresses her legs some more slowly, gently, until the room fills with the Crack, Crack of hand on ass, as the man rains firm blows on the woman's tight ass. "mmmmmmm" a stifled moan slips past her lips as she bites her tongue. "keep that mouth shut" he says as he spanks her harder his hand growing tighter on her elbows.

As her ass becomes rossey red he alternates between smacks and strokes along her muscular legs and ass. "good girl "he says in a low tone, he leans forward and reaches around and cups her firm right breast "ah, there they are" he says as his fingers find her erect nipple squeezing it between thumb and forefinger.

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